Schoolkids Bonus

I have a love/hate relationship with Centrelink – or the Department of Human Services as they are now called.  While this social service is wonderful, as an accountant unless I am specifically authorised by my client to deal directly with this government organisation they won’t speak to me.  Instead they collect information from the Australian […]

Due Dates

Confession time.  I am sometimes so busy reminding my clients to lodge their Business Activity Statements that I often forget about my own and it gets left until the final minute.  It’s that age old problem where my own accounting gets done last………….let’s not even talk about the time I paid all my staff superannuation […]

It’s Tax Time

Whenever anyone asks “What do you do?”  I hesitate.  The conversation generally goes as follows: “What do you do for work?” “I’m an accountant” “Oh…….”  Dead silence.  *Insert crickets* My occupation tends to be a conversation stopper! We joke in the office about lying about our career choice – in fact my senior accountant often […]