Happy New Financial Year

My friends point and laugh at me each year when I post this as my Facebook status but I honestly get a kick out of every July 1st.  There’s something cleansing about a fresh financial year and I look forward to catching up with all my individual tax return clients that come into the office only once or twice a year.  At the IQ office, we take a little bit of time at the beginning of each financial year to prepare for the year ahead and this involves reviewing our procedures and implementing some great ideas we haven’t had a chance to do anything about during our busy time.

While traditionally most people celebrate New Year on January 1st with a list of resolutions, I believe that the New Financial Year on July 1st is also a great time to make a list of business resolutions.  Are you already thinking about the personal resolutions that you made earlier in the year that have gone by the by?   Well, let’s make a pact – how about making some New Financial Year resolutions with me and sticking to them?

Here’s how:

  1. Be realistic – come up with one or two resolutions that you can actually achieve.  We all want to make a million dollars this year but if you turned over $250k last financial year, it might still be a few years off.
  2. Make your goal specific – you’ll appreciate it when you look at the yellow sticky note still stuck to your computer later this week and wonder what you meant when you wrote it down.
  3. Be accountable – tell your staff, your other half, your clients.  Make sure these people are going to remind you and ask you and motivate you to stay true to your resolution. Email me at kyelie@iqaccountants.com.au and I’ll happily keep in touch with you to make sure you are on track.
  4. Reward yourself – make your goal measurable so that you can reward yourself when you achieve what you want.

I’ll share my resolution with you – I am going to take this piece of writing and make a blog.  Then I am going to keep it up and running and post to it – weekly.  I plan to tell my staff about this concept in their performance reviews on Friday to keep myself accountable and I’ll also be sharing the blog link with clients, so I’ll have no excuses not to keep up with it.  If I can keep my resolution until christmas, I am going to reward myself with a day at the day spa.  Bliss!!

Now don’t just close this page and forget about your resolution – write it down now and then get started.  And don’t forget to check back in and keep me accountable.

Happy New Financial Year!!

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