Office gossip

There’s lots happening around here and I wanted to fill everyone in on all the office gossip.

Newsletters, the Blog, Facebook and Twitter

We are really enjoying this blog and being able to share hints, tips and information about topical issues.  I’m proud to have kept to my new financial years resolution to date and will continue to post weekly.  Did you know we have facebook and twitter?  Come and like us on facebook and follow us on twitter – we’d love to have you as we are IQ no friends at the moment because we’re new to the social media world.

So why are we doing the social media thing?  In short, we are constantly looking for new ways to share information with our clients and don’t want to be sending boring bulk mail outs every other week.

So – which one is for you?

1.  Sign up for the newsletters if you are in business.  Our newsletters are very factual and deal with relevant topical issues which mostly focus around recent changes.

2.  Follow this blog if you are in business or an individual client and are interested in some tips and hints.  The blog is a lighter (dare I say more interesting?) version of the newsletter.

3.  Like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter if you don’t want to do either of the above but want one platform for all information.  We’ll be providing excepts of the newsletter and blog topics so you can pick and choose what you want to read.We’ll also be posting some staff profiles soon so you can get to know the person on the other end of the phone.

New Faces

As most of you are aware, the lovely Krystal Camp is very pregnant with her second child and can you believe this means she isn’t planning to return to her administration position as she reports she is too busy?!?  Rachel has moved on after completing her 12 month role for Krystal’s original maternity leave so enter Niki McDonald who joins us as an assistant to Jes in reception.We also welcome Dani Maidment to our team who is our new training assistant accountant.  That’s Dani on the left above and Niki on the right – you can imagine their delight to hear they’d have their photo on our blog.

Everyone else is still around – you’ll be able to see their smiling faces when our new website goes live in a few weeks.


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