Take the time and save!

I’ve been trying to get all of my office housekeeping in order over the last couple of weeks.  It won’t come as a surprise that I’m a list maker, I love the achievement of being able to cross each task off my list as I complete them.  Unfortunately there has been one lurking item that I’ve never managed to find the time to take care of – to ring around and make sure I’m getting the best electricity deal.  In some ways I didn’t really know where to start and to be entirely honest, I wasn’t 100% sure I was reading my bill properly….surely I couldn’t be paying THAT much per hour?

Rewind to a couple of weeks ago when I opened my electricity invoice.  I was expecting a rise as with the whole carbon tax/electricity increase warning hype I knew that the bill wasn’t going to be the same as last quarter but I was still horrified at the amount next to the $ sign.  I consulted my to do list and drew three red circles around “Ring around and make sure I’m getting the best electricity deal” to prioritise this task.

I finally found a spare moment to tackle this yesterday and after 25 minutes on the phone, I managed to secure a rate that was 20% cheaper than the one I was on.  20%!   This saving was worthy of indulging in a dorky accountant fist pump moment 🙂

So this is my business tip of the week – take the time and save.  Do you have a “to do” list that just doesn’t get done because the day to day business comes first?  Why not set aside some time in your diary to deal with your to do list – take the time to save.  Your “to do” list might have things like gathering your tax documents or following up those accounts you’re unsure of……either way if you take the time to get these done, you will save time thinking about them and worrying about them.

PS – If anyone wants to know which company gave me the super deal at the office, drop me an email at kyelie@iqaccountants.com.au

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