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I’ve had a few enquiries about this recently so figured it was time for a blog post about the business portal.  Basically, the business portal is a method of contact with the ATO without having to actually telephone them.  For those of you who have had the experience of telephoning the ATO, you’ll realise that ANY contact method would be less stressful 🙂  But all jokes aside, the business portal is an excellent tool.

You can use the portal to:

  • view and update your business registration details
  • view your account information
  • request refunds and credit transfers
  • lodge and view activity statements

By far the two best features are being able to view your current account balance and lodge your activity statements online.  The need to visit the post office to send your BAS is eliminated and if you are making part payments, it’s easy to see where you are at.  If you are interested in learning more, click here

On other news, Renae has been busy making our pink tutu’s (my staff are SO multi skilled!) for the breast cancer fun run next Sunday.  We have been delighted by the wonderful support that has been shown towards this very worthy cause, thank you all so much!

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