We made it!

Last Sunday we participated in the Triathlon Pink 5km fun run.It was a great morning and we raised over $1,400 for breast cancer through the generous donations of our family, clients and friends.  As I’ve mentioned this event a few times on the blog I thought I’d share our experience.

It goes without saying that this photo was taken before the run, we certainly did not look like this afterwards! We made it a family event with my sister and Jes’s Mum joining us too. Danielle is missing from the pic as she wasn’t able to run due due to knee problems.

For all the non believers, see we really DID wear pink tutus!  It made it really easy to find each other during the run. Understandably, Jes was slightly less than super thrilled to spend the morning of her birthday running 5km’s.  To make up for this I got her a hot pink Happy Birthday badge to match her outfit but I don’t think it made up for the early morning.

I’m pleased to say we all completed the run and no one fell over or injured themselves along the way. The run was at 8am but it may as well have been midday, it was very very hot. I am so proud of my team and grateful to everyone who donated.

I’m also excited to share the news that Krystal, her husband Chris and little Isobelle have welcomed a baby boy, Lucas into the world. Many congratulations to the Camp family.

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