Out of the Ordinary

We’ve been busy at the office this week as it’s month end and the December BAS/IAS is due for most clients tomorrow.  The extended payment and lodgment due date for the December BAS always gives a holiday mode feeling but can cause havoc for cashflow.  What really ends up happening is two BAS payments occur two months apart (February and April) instead of the usual three month gap.If you aren’t prepared, this can make things a bit difficult.An ATO repayment plan may be the solution, please contact the office if you would like to chat about this.

All hands on deck for the folding and filling production line
All hands on deck for the folding and filling production line

We’ve also been busy supporting the work of Hannah Gutke as she raises awareness for Cri Du Chat syndrome.  Cri Du Chat is a rare genetic disorder which Hannah’s daughter Claire was diagnosed with shortly after birth.

Children and adults with Cri du Chat typically have developmental delays both physically and intellectually. Speech development can also be significantly delayed. The condition is characterized by a high-pitched, cat-like cry due to malformations of the larynx, which is how the syndrome was given its name. ‘Cri du chat’ is French for ‘cry of the cat’.

Next step  - stickers!
Next step – stickers!

Hannah has organised a family weekend and conference at Sea World Resort this weekend and we at IQ Accountants have been delighted to be able to assist her in a few small ways.  This weekend, while the parents attend the conference, the kids are being treated to a day at Seaworld – I hope the weather improves for them!!

After offering our assistance to provide each family with a token from their weekend, Hannah pretty much gave us free reign to do what we liked.  Excited by this out of the ordinary task, Jes and I decided on lolly boxes complete with the Gold Coast Cri Du Chat logo which had been specially designed.  Renae, Dani, Ryan and Emeliah offered their expert opinions on box sizes, lolly types and numbers.

The finished product - 100 lolly boxes and a pile of awareness stickers
The finished product – 100 lolly boxes and a pile of awareness stickers

None of us will be giving up our day jobs as Jes and I originally ordered lolly boxes that were far too large and we somehow ended up with double the number of lollies that we actually required.  Ooops!  100 lolly boxes, awareness stickers and few other bits and pieces have now been packed and are ready to go for delivery this afternoon.  Thank you Hannah for letting IQ Accountants be involved in your wonderful efforts as you continue to work to raise awareness and support families effected by Cri Du Chat.

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