March Madness

Suddenly it’s the middle of March – how did that happen?  There are so many things happening in the office:

  • We’re preparing to send out our FBT checklists in a couple of weeks so please keep an eye out for these if you have a vehicle owned in a company or trust.
  • Due dates for the lodgement of tax returns for 2012 is fast approaching.  Our final round of reminder letters prior to this deadline will be sent in the next week.  This is our friendly reminder to get your tax work in and avoid late lodgement penalties and potential interest being charged by the ATO.  No one likes paying the ATO any more than needed.
  • It’s almost time to think about tax planning.  I love that our clients are so well informed that I have already been fielding phone calls to start tax planning since late last year! Generally, I only like to do tax planning after the March BAS is done so if you would like to know your estimated tax position for the 2013 year and how to make this position the very best it can be please contact the office to arrange an appointment.

Lastly, one of our preferred advisors is running a fantastic education seminar about paying off home loans as quickly as possible.  I’ve personally attended a session run by Henderson Matusch before and they are not only informative but run by really down to earth people who put sometimes difficult concepts in simplistic terms.  Overall, it’s a great topic so if you are interested, comment below or contact the office and I’ll pass the details on.

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