Knock Knock

Who’s there?  It’s the Australian Taxation Office!

*insert crickets*

One of my lovely clients recently had the pleasure of a tax office visit.  These are pretty rare for IQ clients.  Of course everyone can be subject to audit and review from the Australian Taxation Office but generally this is as simple as a phonecall to the office to request records, they are provided and the review is closed.  Sometimes however, the ATO just request a visit and Matt from Highfields Garden Centre has kindly agreed to share his experience.  To read about Matt’s experience click here

While Matt (spoiler alert) had a trouble free visit from the ATO, it is often situations like these that can start further review or investigation.  Mostly, where audit or review occurs we are contacted to either deal with the ATO on the clients behalf in entirety or assist with the collation of the information that is being requested.  Many hours of work and much stress usually proceeds the final outcome.  At IQ Accountants we offer audit insurance to remove the financial stress of an audit or review.

I hope you all have a safe , happy, chocolate and hot cross bun filled easter.

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