Business Bootcamp

Last week I went to the “Better Business Bootcamp” which was run by Henderson Matusch.  I was so grateful to Simone Richardson who wrote our last guest post for the invitation as I found the Business Bootcamp the most productive out of office time I have spent all year.  Too often as business owners we get caught in the trap of working in the business rather than on it.  Most of us in small business are owner/operators and it’s really hard to find the time to sit back and assess our businesses, come up with some ideas to make things easier/better and then implement them.

Bootcamp ran for a couple of days and had speakers discussing topics such as brand management, growth and performance, HR and employment law, marketing and the like.  One of the speakers was Craig James from CBA and while I’ve seen him speak before it was a little surreal to see him live in front of me rather than on the TV chatting to Kochie about the US dollar!  I walked away from bootcamp exhausted, a little overwhelmed but incredibly motivated and with a list of things a mile long to think about and implement in the IQ office.

I wrote about 20 pages of notes and trawling through my scrawl – I’ve listed below the 4 things that I wrote down more repeatedly through my notes.

1.  A customer is once only, a client is more than once.

2.  If you are IN the team then you need to be ON the team.

3.  There are 10 National Employment Standards – do you know them?  I’ll admit I couldn’t list them all.

4.  With change comes opportunity.

5.  Consider asking what our customers/clients need rather than what they want.

I’m going to be implementing some of my bootcamp ideas over the coming couple of months and I look forward to sharing them with you.

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