Last Minute Reminder

Attention trustees!  This is your friendly reminder to make a resolution regarding the trust distribution for the 2013 financial year.  In basic terms this means that trustees of the trust need to determine which beneficiaries are going to receive the income of the trust prior to June 30th. Further to this, the tax file numbersContinue reading “Last Minute Reminder”

Year End To Do List – Tax Documents

Over the last few months I’ve been sending some reminder letters to those clients who hadn’t sent their tax documents in for preparation.  Without exaggeration, 9 out of 10 business clients who received this letter contacted me to tell me that they knew what they needed to give me but it was just a matterContinue reading “Year End To Do List – Tax Documents”

Year End To Do List – Bookkeeping

As the end of the financial year continues to get closer, I’ve had several clients calling me to discuss getting their records in to us in early July for tax preparation.  Getting your business bookkeeping as up to date and accurate as possible not only aids in the speed of the preparation of your returnsContinue reading “Year End To Do List – Bookkeeping”

Free advertising for business owners

My daughter turned three on Saturday.  I’ve been feeling a bit sad about how quickly she is growing but thankfully before I was able to get too nostalgic, the list of things I had to do for her birthday party in the park entered my head and I went into “let’s achieve this” mode. FastContinue reading “Free advertising for business owners”