It’s Tax Time!

It’s been very quiet on the blog this month but not so quiet in the office as we are well and truly in 2013 tax return mode.  I love this time of the year, everyone always comments that we must be so very busy and while it is true, it’s a really lovely busy.Mostly because we get to see all of our wonderful clients who generally only come in once a year for their individual returns.It’s fabulous to find out what they’ve been up to during the year while we prepare their returns.

There are plenty of changes to the tax return this year – I guess the ATO are just trying to make it fun for accountants by constantly changing the boxes on the returns and the information that needs to go into them!  We sent checklists out to assist you in getting all of your information together but if you missed out, please just get in contact.  There’s just a couple of items that I’ve noticed are being forgotten the most regularly:

1.  Private health insurance statement – this year it contains important figures for rebate purposes

2.  Bank account details – this is the most important one as the ATO are now directly depositing refunds straight to you

As usual, while we love it when you visit the office, our modern approach means that if this is inconvenient, we can easily prepare your return and keep in contact with you via email, telephone, fax, facebook – whatever your preferred method is.Of course, if you don’t visit the office then you might miss out on our re-enactment of this accountants behaviour.


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