The blog is back

Despite my very best intentions, the blog has not been shown much of my love in the past few months and the guilt of this has finally caught up with me hence this post.  I have written countless blog posts in my head but never found the time to put them on paper so perhaps my next new years resolution needs to be to work on my time management and priorities!  The priority being to find more time 😉

From time to time, I am asked to assist with aged care issues whether it be application forms, Department of Human Services requests or just how the whole process works.  These questions are raised by those looking to move into aged care themselves or family members who are going through the future decision making process for loved ones.

This is one of those topics that no one ever thinks to look into until the information is needed right then and there.  If you or someone you know is starting to think about the next phase of life it may be worthwhile starting the information gathering process now.  Forewarned is forearmed right?  Henderson Matusch, one of our preferred professional partners are hosting a FREE aged care expo aimed to take the uncertainty and guess work out of the aged care system.  There will be financial and legal advisors providing information on:

  • What aged care services are available
  • The costs of residential aged care
  • The impact of the government changes in 2014
  • What payment options are available
  • Strategies to achieve the best financial outcome for your situation
  • Steps to take to ensure that you are ready.

The event is free and light refreshments are provided.  If you are interested in obtaining more details about this event, please contact Jesika at the office for more information.

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