Happy 2015!

It’s a brand new calendar year and time for a long overdue post to the blog.  It has been a little while since I introduced our team and while there haven’t been many staff changes over the last couple of years, I love the opportunity to show off the people who make my life so much easier.

Jesika and Emeliah are the smiling faces that greet you in reception.  Emeliah has recently taken on full time hours as Jes celebrates the start of her 7th year at IQ Accountants.

Renae, Naomi, Ryan and myself provide fully qualified accounting and taxation services with the assistance of Danielle.  Danielle has now completed her Certificate IV in Accounting and is solely responsible for all of the corporate secretarial work in the office.  While Renae, Danielle and Ryan are almost part of the furniture, Naomi began with us around 18 months ago and as a CA qualified accountant with extensive experience, she has been a wonderful addition to the professional team.

We also welcome Brock Askey.  Brock is in the very final stages of completing his Bachelor of Commerce and has started in a full time role as an assistant accountant.

As some of you may also be aware, I took some unexpected leave in the latter half of last year due to some health dramas.  I’m pleased to be feeling alot better and back into the swing of things here in the office.  I will be unavailable on Wednesday’s this year to work on practice development/management as well as a little extra time with my family as my daughter begins school at the end of the month.

Finally – don’t be surprised if you see an email come through from a Renae Cameron.  It is none other than the lovely Renae Schumacher but all married off and in the most surprising way possible!  Renae had been an excellent secret keeper since her engagement earlier in the year and we were thrilled to see her and Andrew tie the knot at their surprise wedding in December.

I have a heap of ideas for blog topics this year but please feel free to shoot me an email at kyelie@iqaccountants.com.au if there’s anything you’d like me to cover.

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