Phone Scam Alert

I know, I know – it’s been a long time between posts and there’s really a lot to catch up on!  I’m planning an update post in the next few weeks that will be filled with all the lovely baby news (definitely not me!) and other things happening in the IQ office.

For now, I really just wanted to remind everyone about how the ATO will contact you.  The ATO have your contact details on file and will generally contact you via written correspondence directly to yourself or through our office before telephoning you regarding any matter.  There have been many scams over the years however there’s a phone scam that’s gaining quite a bit of momentum at the moment where the scammers are impersonating ATO employees and demanding payment for an unexpected debt or offering an unexpected refund.  The phone scammers are quite aggressive and have been telling people that there is a warrant out for their arrest or offering to send a taxi to their homes to take them to the post office to make payment.  This is an important reminder that the ATO do not email, call or SMS asking for credit card or bank details to make payments or issue refunds.

If you or someone you know does receive a call from an ATO officer and aren’t sure if this is genuine, take the details of the person you have spoken to as well as a reference number for the call, then hang up and ring 13 28 69 which is the ATO line.

One thought on “Phone Scam Alert

  1. These ATO scammers are similar with the IRS scams in US. There have been so many reports about these scams since years ago, and I don’t know why there are still some people falling for these scams until today. I recently find reports about ATO scams at just yesterday. I think people should always read and search for information about these crooks, so that they will be able to know how these scammers work, and finally they will be able to avoid them.

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