Remembering Ryan

It is with incredible sadness that I share with you the news that one of our staff members, Ryan Martin passed away on Friday.  Ryan lost his life while saving a little girl who had gotten into trouble in the surf at Fingal Heads, his actions were brave and nothing short of heroic.  

Ryan began working in the office in July 2006, finished his degree and completed his CPA while working full time (and living a pretty good social life!).  In December 2010 he headed overseas but kept in touch with his IQ family, even taking the time to message me his excited congratulations for the birth of my son.  When he returned in 2012, he came back on a casual basis – we agreed it would just be short term (although it continued to the very end)  and despite him finding a commercial accountant role in Brisbane, he still kept coming in on Fridays and working some other casual hours to help out.   We joked that Ryan was just working for the staff fun days and the opportunity to get his name on the IQ trophy at our year end Amazing Race events. 

As a long term employee, Ryan is ingrained in all of our favourite memories and shared jokes.  We will miss him sleeping past his alarm, running in the door late and then charming us all with his cheeky grin.  We will miss our chats, his ability to debrief every situation with humour and his contagious laughter. 

There will be others to share the workload but he is irreplaceable.  We will never forget him – Rest in Peace Ryan.

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