Happy New Year

Happy New Year!   There’s been so much happening in the IQ office and we are well and truly back into the swing of things for 2017.

Firstly, a reminder – super is due on the 28th!  Everyone should now be processing this through an electronic clearing house and I recommend doing this a few days early to ensure there are no last minute issues.  If you are not using the functionality within your software to make this happen automatically, please get in contact with us to make your life so much easier for next quarter.  We have assisted many of our clients move from desktop bookkeeping programs to cloud based versions over the last 18 months and I have been asked to run a workshop for small businesses where I will be discussing software programs during the evening.  The workshop is being held at Warehouse #5 at Burleigh Heads (right next door to the office) and further information is available here.

I am also really excited to share the news that Renae, our senior accountant is now the proud Mum of gorgeous twins, Torin and Tahlia.  Renae and her husband Andrew are really enjoying their role as parents and we are really enjoying every opportunity to have baby cuddles whenever possible.   The best part is that because there are 2 babies to pass around, I don’t have to share as much 🙂


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