Time is priceless

This week I’ve had the pleasure of attending a couple of events; things I usually say no to because I feel like I don’t have enough time to go.  I’ve been making a point to try and say YES to more this year though and when I arrived at lunch to this personalized greeting – I was pretty happy I’d found the time:


IMG_5949Needless to say, as magical as some very little people in my life like to think I am, I absolutely can not make more hours in the day.  Believe me I have tried!!  What I can do is work smarter and I have implemented a few things that have been helping.  There is one that has been life changing and I am not joking about this.  This is easily saving ME a few hours a week and that’s without taking into account any client files that we touch.

It’s a system where all invoices (supplier bills) are automatically stored electronically in the cloud AND a bill is created in your online data file.

The benefits are time – no double handling at all because you don’t physically touch the invoice, it arrives in your inbox and you push it to the system.  The system them creates the bill in your online file (MYOB accountright or Xero) and stores a copy electronically.  All you have to do is pay the bill on bills day! If you don’t have it electronically you can scan and upload and the process is the same. Say goodbye to paper filing!!

I have used various other applications and add ons previously but none that have integrated as seamlessly as this, with as many features and been as cost effective. There are options for various departments, duplication options etc.  As you can tell I’m a huge advocate for this product and this is definitely not a paid advertisement.  My only negative feedback and I’d prefer to call it a drawback is their fairly simplistic looking website and sales pitch.  It’s lacking compared to the market competitors and while the product is easy to navigate, first time users may find it difficult and not have the background knowledge needed to get the required setup right to ensure the system works the way it should.

Ezzybills is saving me heaps of time and I highly recommend anyone using Xero or MYOB Accountright to consider whether it would be a worthwhile add on for you too.


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