I’ve just returned from a MYOB conference at Alice Springs.  I’ve never been to the Northern Territory before and while the trip has definitely reinforced that I am a 5 star girl, it was pretty amazing to see Uluru and learn a little more about the Australian outback.  The MYOB conference itself was also one of the best events I have ever been to. I know that’s a big call but I am still pretty excited about some of the things that are coming up and I made some fantastic contacts and found some fabulous add-ons to compliment the existing software that we are currently using.

The term “add-on” is basically a third party or app that integrates with your existing software to enhance or “add-on” to the existing features.  An example is the management of jobs and quotes, there’s an add-on that integrates into the software which also allows staff and team members to raise invoices, quotes, take photos and track job process through the add-on.  They are pretty powerful when the right add-on is integrated and used correctly.  We are always happy to discuss any pain points that you or your business may be having to see if there is a way that at add-on may assist.

On other news, there has been a fair bit of conversation around the changes the Fair Work Act and what this means for employers.   The Vulnerable Workers Bill has now been passed through parliament and Denise O’Reilly, director of O’Reilly Workplace Law has written a great article regarding the key changes here.

For those who prefer to receive information session style, a live discussion is being hosted by Christine Littera, director of Human Resources consultancy company Chrysallis .  Christine and Denise will be discussing the amendments to the Fair Work Act, what this means for business owners and what you need to know.  There will be opportunities to ask questions in relation to the amendments and these can be sent prior to the event or during the discussion.   This is a great opportunity to ensure you are up to date on all the latest changes without having to leave your business and at no cost!

To attend simply go to the “Team Dynamics HQ” Facebook page and register for the event.  I will be attending.

Date: Thursday October 5th

Time 10:30am

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