Buying or Selling Property?

I caught up with the lovely Kristy Collins of Federov Lawyers yesterday and we were discussing the number of property sales happening across my client base at the moment.  I’m often asked why there is a cost variance for conveyancing and Kristy has been kind enough to share her thoughts below.

Residential Conveyancing in the 21st Century

With the advancement of technology, the ability for Solicitors to conduct residential conveyancing matters on behalf of clients located anywhere in Australia (and indeed the world) has become a reality.

At Fedorov Lawyers, we offer a fixed fee conveyance to our clients that is all inclusive and will see their matter run from start to finish by the same staff members. There are plenty of cheaper conveyancing firms around but their level of service and ability to quickly and effectively resolve issues that may arise pales in comparison to the service we offer.

Our clients are often located outside of the Gold Coast area and provided they have access to a mobile phone, email and post, we can still effectively act for them. Documentation and correspondence can be sent electronically which allows more time for remote clients to return any original documents required to our office.

Costs on conveyancing is a highly competitive market. Fedorov Lawyers are not the cheapest in the market, nor do we strive to be. We offer a level of service that is commensurate with our fees and reflects the values that we operate within. Additionally, all our files are managed or supervised by solicitors with in excess of 10 years conveyancing experience and our secretarial staff have the same level of experience. We feel this amounts to a confidence our clients can have in the ability of the firm to produce quality service that is deserving of the fee we charge.

We conduct conveyances on Queensland and New South Wales properties and offer a fixed fee. If you would like to deal with a firm that not only knows what they are doing but will treat you with the level of respective and attention to detail you deserve, give our Conveyancing Department a call.


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