Ready, Set – GO!

Wow – hasn’t 2018 got off to a flying start? I feel like someone woke me up on new years day with one of those guns they fire at the beginning of a race – BANG! And we are off……..

We have SO much happening here at the office, so much to look forward to this year and so much to celebrate.  Just before we closed for Christmas last year two big things happened at the IQ Office.  We entered the NAB Professional Service awards and were excited to hear that we were named as a national finalist and QLD runner-up in the Best Accounting Firm, Private Clients.  We were thrilled to have done so well in such a huge field of amazing firms.   The second big change to the office was that we acquired a small bookkeeping firm and now offer full in-house bookkeeping services and training.  It has been a busy January meeting all the transferring clients and moving them to electronic receipt capture and processing.

As you may be aware, the Gold Coast is hosting the 2017 Commonwealth Games.  With this in mind, the office will be closed from Wednesday April 4th and will re-open on Monday April 16th.  This decision was made mid last year and announced in our annual July letter to clients.  Some of the staff are taking the opportunity to travel overseas while others are planning to study.  For those who are yet to provide taxation work to the office, please consider this office closure period.

On the business front, I am excited to see the roll out of the “New Payments Platform” (NPP) which is planned to happen later this month.  The current payment system means long (3 days) transfers between banks and is limited to transfers only taking place between business hours.  I am sure everyone who does payroll has raced to process internet banking transfers before 4pm at some stage.  The NPP will allow customers to send and receive payments in “real time” using information such as mobile numbers, email addresses or ABN’s.  MYOB have written a great article about it here.  I’m expecting this to take time to implement and have the usual teething problems associated with any new technology but I’m also keen to try it out.  I mean, who doesn’t want emjoi’s on their bank statements?

We are off to a flying start here at the IQ Office…….2018 is going to be a great year – game on!




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