It’s taken me a long time to write this particular blog post, mostly because my opinion on this matter has changed so dramatically since I first came across the matter.

MFA or 2FA is basically an extra layer of security to protect your online data.  It’s an additional piece of information on top of a user name and password that only one particular user has.  The best example is the access to your online cloud bookkeeping data file.

I’ll be honest – originally I wasn’t on board.  The reason was basically that we were undergoing so much technology  change in the office that I just didn’t want to add anything else that I didn’t feel was necessary.  In retrospect, I was just being naive.

Fast forward to now and every single staff member on the IQ team (including myself) is registered for and using 2FA.

Here’s how it works:

1. We enter our username

2. We enter our password

3. We are promoted to go to the Google Authenticator app which is stored on our mobile devices and this is then entered into the system before we are given access to any client file.

The setup of 2FA was another thing to do.  It definitely adds another level to “onboarding” new staff.  However, I deem these inconveniences absolutely worth it for the additional security it adds.

Consider the financial information that is kept in your online bookkeeping data file. There are bank transactions, your bank details are on your invoices – if someone gets into your file and changes those bank details on your invoices to their own, it’s likely this wouldn’t be noticed immediately.

I’m part of a forum where other accountants and bookkeepers share their experiences and cyber safety is a hot topic.  While I may have pressed “remind me later” in the beginning, I’m now firmly standing in the “turn 2FA on” camp.  For me, it’s like free insurance so why wouldn’t you do it?  Any thing that helps protect us online and gives users another form of authentication can only be a good thing.  Yes, it’s time to setup and another part of the log in process but in my opinion, this is a small inconvenience for the safety benefits offered.

MYOB have put together this video that explains how 2FA works and how to turn it on.

If anyone has any questions or needs assistance setting this up, please give the office a call.


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