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8D6E9FAD-2101-46FE-B745-642EE3C227F2.jpegNext month we celebrate the 12 month-a-versary of the launch of IQ Bookkeeping.  It’s part of the reason I’ve been a little quiet on the blog, getting the bookkeeping business setup and running the way we wanted has been challenging but SO MUCH fun (I really do mean that) and it’s been so rewarding watching our clients enjoy the benefits of the technology improvements and automation.  I’ve talked a little about how I ended up incorporating bookkeeping services into IQ Accountants here.

When I first purchased the bookkeeping firm, all of the clients were used to a paper based process and it was an adjustment to move to a method of electronic receipt capture (but no filing – yay!) and bank feeds data (automatic data matching = time saving.)  This has allowed us to decrease most clients bookkeeping fees and/or spend time providing them with reports that actually mean something to them about their business rather than just compliance based tasks and processing.  We tailor our service to teach clients specific requirements.

We offer a range of bookkeeping services from the complete solution (we do everything) to ad hoc assistance, data file setups and training, basically we will fit in where you don’t want to do the work.  The aim of IQ Bookkeeping is to support you as the client and therefore improve the accuracy of the data which means better decisions can be made from the financial information during the year. The win for us is that we can also be assured that the bookkkeeping is in top shape at year end tax time.

We offer monthly fixed fees for all bookkeeping services.  Please contact the office if you would like more information.




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