Why we are choosing to keep the Burleigh office temporarily closed

It’s been 62 days since we closed the IQ office – we miss each other terribly but in all reality, we are working really well and things are going fine. Some of our clients haven’t even realised we have closed the office given that they ask me “Are you at home or at work?”

The IQ office is in Burleigh Heads, Queensland. I know, that seems like an odd statement but because we are a digital firm, we have clients nationwide and some people have never been to the office – so it’s an important piece of information given the topic at hand. Qld has a “Roadmap to recovery” that was announced last Friday and there is a federal one as well. There is also an overwhelming amount of information here about what needs to be implemented before and when we return to the office. Workcover Qld also has some information.

Day to day, we only take about 25% of our meetings face to face. Otherwise it’s via other methods using various technologies, much like we’ve been doing over the past 62 (still can’t get over that number) days. But I also know that if clients ever decide to make that one face to face visit to the office, its generally at tax planning time – which is now. So our decision, to delay re-opening the office has been a really tough one.

We are all very keen to see each other but the bottom line is that we are accounting and taxation experts and not workplace health and safety experts. This is our busiest time of the year and we need to stay focused on the outcome which is completing the 2019 for the late lodgers and proactive tax planning for all other clients.

Speaking of tax planning, we recently installed a very fancy new whiteboard which I was really looking forward to using in tax planning this year! It is currently hanging sadly on the wall.

And to end – some exciting news. This week we learned that I have been named as a finalist in the Australian Accounting Awards. The awards night is being held in a few weeks via live stream! What a wonderful world we live in.

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