DIY Bookkeeping – Need help?

In the next month or so, we’ll be offering in office training refreshers for Quickbooks and Myob.  The sessions will be run in small groups of 4 – 6 people at a cost of $75 per person.  The refresher course will suit you if you have been using your program and after a refresher to learnContinue reading “DIY Bookkeeping – Need help?”

Lost and not Found

My very first job was as a McDonald’s employee and as embarrassed as I am to admit that, I also know that much of my work discipline, attention to detail and thoroughness is due to my time in the Macca’s world. I was probably 14/15 and vividly remember opening an envelope to pull out myContinue reading “Lost and not Found”

Office gossip

There’s lots happening around here and I wanted to fill everyone in on all the office gossip. Newsletters, the Blog, Facebook and Twitter We are really enjoying this blog and being able to share hints, tips and information about topical issues.  I’m proud to have kept to my new financial years resolution to date andContinue reading “Office gossip”