Buying or Selling Property?

I caught up with the lovely Kristy Collins of Federov Lawyers yesterday and we were discussing the number of property sales happening across my client base at the moment.  I’m often asked why there is a cost variance for conveyancing and Kristy has been kind enough to share her thoughts below. Residential Conveyancing in theContinue reading “Buying or Selling Property?”

  I’ve just returned from a MYOB conference at Alice Springs.  I’ve never been to the Northern Territory before and while the trip has definitely reinforced that I am a 5 star girl, it was pretty amazing to see Uluru and learn a little more about the Australian outback.  The MYOB conference itself was alsoContinue reading

IQ Budget Recap 2017

  I think I may have been holding my breath tonight as the treasurer began his speech – how ridiculous am I?  Clearly I was excited about tonight’s budget; last year the report seemed skewed by the looming election date and I was genuinely looking forward to hearing  about the general financial plan for our country.Continue reading “IQ Budget Recap 2017”

Payment Summaries – Due Date

I hope everyone is enjoying the new financial year so far.  A quick reminder that payment summaries are due to be provided to all employees/contractors today.  The ATO requires the payment summaries to be provided by July 14th.  Also, for those in the building and construction industry – you may have received some correspondence regardingContinue reading “Payment Summaries – Due Date”

Last Minute Reminder

Attention trustees!  This is your friendly reminder to make a resolution regarding the trust distribution for the 2016 financial year.  In basic terms this means that trustees of the trust need to determine which beneficiaries are going to receive the income of the trust prior to June 30th. Further to this, the tax file numbersContinue reading “Last Minute Reminder”